How to Check Your Car's Battery Before Replacement

If you notice the lights dimming while you're driving at night or your vehicle getting harder to start, then you might have battery issues. One way that you can test your battery is to bring it to Dolan Kia in Reno so that someone can use an electrical gauge specifically designed to test the voltage.

Another option is to look at the battery to see if there is any corrosion. If there is, then you can try cleaning the ends of the cables to see if a cleaner connection will make a difference. Turn components on inside the vehicle to see if the battery begins to weaken, such as the headlights and the air conditioner. If the car seems to struggle, then you likely have an issue with the battery.

When you visit our dealership, we can check your battery and other electrical components to ensure that you have a safe vehicle to drive. We also examine each car before it's sold to ensure that there are no battery issues if you are looking for a car to buy. Stop by our dealership or schedule service for your Kia at our facility today!

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