Signs Your Transmission Needs Service

While transmission problems can occur at any time, most transmissions will go for close to 100,000 miles without having a problem. If you notice a leak below your transmission, you may be losing transmission fluid. This can cause transmission issues that will be harder to fix if you wait.

Come in to Dolan Kia if you are trying to drive your car and there are problems getting your car into gear. Any time your car doesn't run smoothly, it is beneficial to get your car checked out to see what is wrong. At our Kia service station, we are ready to take a good look at your vehicle to determine if your transmission is in trouble.

Driving down the road and having the gears grind, difficulty changing gears and loud noises can all indicate that your transmission is in trouble. Get the help you need by visiting our Kia service center in Reno, Nevada today.

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