Key Details About Your Car's Gaskets

Gaskets may be small in size but they're big in importance because they hold many components together by preventing gases and liquids from escaping. It can be beneficial to have gaskets checked as part of your car's maintenance routine. At Dolan Kia, we carry a full line of gaskets for sale in our auto parts shop as well as all your other automotive needs.

Signs you gaskets may be failing include white smoke from tailpipe, foaming from radiator, low cylinder pressure, and oil in the coolant. Although everything goes with time, you may be able to prevent gasket failure by:

  • Using proper torque
  • Using coolant recommended by manufacturer
  • Using recommended engine oil

Don't wait until you actually need new gaskets to have them checked. Stop in to our Reno, NV dealership and have our technicians inspect all your gaskets. It's a quick task but can give you the assurance that your vehicle is good to go. We can also set you up with a regular maintenance schedule.