What Causes Tire Pressure Light to Indicate?

If the tire pressure lights illuminate on the dashboard, it might be signs of trouble. To find out what the issue, see if any of these conditions are present.

The most common cause for the tire pressure lights to turn on is a severe change in temperature. When the outside temps are freezing, the pressure can drop in the tires, but will return to normal as the temperature warms. If there is an obstruction in one of the tires, it could cause a slow leak and trigger the pressure indicators to the trouble. Never remove the obstruction on your own. Get the car to the Kia service station so they can determine what is the safest thing to do.

Visually inspect the tire for cracks or bulges that are out of the ordinary; it could be causing the tire to lose pressure. If the tire pressure light stays lit, bring the car to Dolan Kia for a closer inspection.

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