The Right Way to Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit

Life, and the unexpected, can come at you fast. That's why the Kia service professionals at our Reno, NV dealership recommend that you keep a roadside emergency kit handy as you navigate the streets. Here are just a few of the items you'll want to pack inside your car's roadside emergency kit.

Jumper cables are essential for your kit and can make getting the battery jump-started a breeze. Now just about any driver willing to connect to their battery can get you back on the road. Flashlights are something you'll need in your kit to help if you get stuck at night. Packed with fresh batteries, the flashlight helps you make night repairs and can flag down help too. A first-aid kit will allow you to deal with small injuries safely until help arrives. A blanket can help to keep your passengers warm in the winter just in case the car has no power and no heat.

Now that the roadside emergency kit has been prepared, be sure to visit Dolan Kia so we can provide your vehicle with a full inspection to look for any small issues that could become roadside emergencies.

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